Saturday, August 29, 2015

Actividad:  ¡Vocabulario ilustrado!

This is a great activity for new vocabulary and makes a really nice bulletin board display or word wall when finished.  It includes instructions, a template, and 14 student examples. This is also a great activity for the day you pass out your textbooks—have the students look in their glossary and choose any vocabulary word to illustrate!  

Here are some of my students' examples:

You will discover some amazing artists in your students:

I've also included a template in this product if you would like to make your bulletin board more uniform:

Sunday, August 23, 2015


I have added a new game to my TpT store!  It's a great way to get students to review topics in Spanish in groups! It is based on the popular board game of "Outburst." Easy preparation for a very rewarding lesson plan!

This game includes instructions and categories that students should learn in Spanish I in Middle or High School. Fun categories are also included such as: "Popular Latin/Hispanic Singing Groups." There are 32 categories total--4 categories per slide to make printing and cutting quick and easy!

I have always used this as a review game in the first few days of Spanish II, but it could also be used as a review game at the end of Spanish I. You could actually use it in upper levels for a filler or to begin teaching how to play the game.

Coming soon: more versions of the games for Spanish II, III, and IV!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

¡Dígame que no es verdad!

I just came across this article while verifying the most updated changes before I post my 50 Minute Lesson Plan with fun activities for learning the Spanish alphabet!  Confession:  I am one of those Spanish teachers that LOVED teaching the alphabet with the marching song by Barbara MacArthur as was made famous on the "Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Tacos 2!" CD.  It was so fun and catchy. However, if you abide by the grammar rules of the Spanish Royal Academy the letters "CH," "LL," and "RR" have been removed.  I had already reconciled myself to this fact, still in search of a song that I will enjoy as much as the cadence by Barbara MacArthur; but now I have learned that they have changed the official names for the letters "Y" and "V."  As a language teacher, what can be more fun than teaching the secret to the name "i griega?"  Did you know you are really calling it the "greek letter 'i'?"  I still managed to keep 50 minutes of fun in my lesson plan, so look for that coming soon...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

¡Para empezar!

I am so excited about this new product that I have posted to my TpT Store!  180+ Bell Ringers for Spanish Class!  This is a collection of bell ringers that I have used through the years for middle, high school, and Dual Credit Spanish. I will most likely be posting a "Part 2" product soon as I have even more that I can add later!

All of these topics are included!  The number in parentheses indicates how many bell ringers per topic.  If there is a "+" sign next to it, that means it is re-usable and can be a springboard for even more bell ringers!

Here is a little preview of all of the slides included in this Power Point of bell ringers.  Almost all of them include answer keys where helpful/necessary!

Enjoy!  This will be one of your best investments as a Spanish teacher!

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Here is a collection of ideas, handouts, rubrics and rosters to encourage and evaluate student participation in the World Language Classroom.  These have worked for me!  Editable for your teaching style and classroom.  You may purchase this at my TpT store:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Try out my Fiesta Alphabet Clip Art!  This is a free trial of the letters that spell "¡ESPAñOL!" and "¡HOLA!"

¡Qué ganga!  

I'm having a sale!  There's still time to get 20% off all products at my TpT store at:  

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Welcome your students with this fun, festive papel picado banner or bulletin board idea!  Find out more here.