Friday, October 23, 2015

125 Koosh Ball Activities for Middle and High School Spanish Class!

I have discovered that using a koosh ball in my lessons somehow adds fun and variety that students really enjoy! I, personally, like the koosh ball because it is easy to toss around; however, you do not have to use a koosh ball for these activities. You could use a stuffed animal that is special to your class like a little chihuahua named “Paco el Taco.” Make this fun and personal for your class! This will be one of your best investments for a product to use in all levels, any day, and for years to come!

Most of these activities will take at least 10 to 20 minutes and will get the students actually speaking the language out loud! You may do some as a warm up activity while others may take more time in class. These are great fillers for those awkward days where you have 10 or so minutes left over after getting through the lesson (i.e. Principal’s observation day!) Warning: if the activity goes longer than 20 minutes, it may get old or boring. You want to keep this fun and something students look forward to when you take out the ball or stuffed animal. Use this list as a GUIDE for activities to use in your classroom. Let these ideas become a springboard to bigger and better ways to do different activities in your classroom that may not even involve a koosh ball! You may purchase this at my TpT store:

I also adapted this for any foreign language class!  You will find it here: